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Our electrical fabrication services include:

- Soldering
- Wiring,
- Mechanical assembly
- PC board fabrication
- Machine shop
- Electrical testing

Welcome to ARV Electrical - The only name to remember for top-notch electrical assembly, electrical fabrication, and electrical manufacturing in Long Island New York.

ARV Electrical is the trusted name in the electrical assembly of special test equipment, testers, and others, as well as the fabrication of prototypes for utility companies, manufacturing companies, purchasing agents for companies making custom equipment, and others in need of top quality electrical assembly and electrical fabrication services in Long Island New York area, nearby PA, CN, NJ, and other areas in the United States and Canada.

We assemble various types of equipment which include, but are not limited to:

- Special test equipment
- Prototypes
- Testers
- Meters
- Light Displays
- Custom Equipment
Here at ARV Electrical you can be sure you're getting top quality test equipment electrical assembly and electrical fabrication services every time. We have a full team of highly skilled electrical assembly and fabrication professionals dedicated to delivering top-notch service that produces superior results. When you come to us here at ARV Electrical, you can count on the wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills that we possess to guarantee superior results that you want.

We have very good and skilled employees, and fulfilling to have them do things well and satisfy the customers.
To learn more about how we can serve your electrical assembly and fabrication needs, please call us at 631-293-9643, send us your fax message at 631-293-9166, or send us an email at mfgprecision@optonline.net today!
We're open to serve you from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

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