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Welcome to ARV Electrical - Your trusted authority in electrical fabrication and electrical assembly that Long Island New York manufacturing companies rely on.

If you're in Long Island New York area, nearby PA, CN, NJ, or other areas in the United States and Canada, and are looking for top-notch electrical assembly and electrical fabrication services you can count on, you couldn't have come to a better place!

ARV Electrical is the premier provider of top-notch electrical assembly and fabrication services that ensure superior results. With over four decades of tried, tested, and proven excellence and reliability, ARV Electrical stands out as the trusted name utility companies, manufacturing companies, purchasing agents for companies making custom equipment, and others in need of top quality electrical assembly and electrical fabrication services in New York turn to for exceptional personalized service that exceeds expectations without going overboard on budget.
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We offer various services to help  take your business to the next level.
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  1. Special test equipment
    We can copy your design or re-design it for you. We can also work from your sample or drawings.
  2. Prototypes
    Our technicians are adept at fabricating mechanical and electrical apparatus. They are supervised by an engineer.
  3. Testers
    These are often hand-held and many have probes, fuses, switches, batteries, springs, wire and enclosures. We can include Led displays, audible devices and lampholders.
  4. Meters
    We can select a physical or chemical transducer and mate it to a digital, bar graph or panel display.
  5. Light Displays
    Our technicians are familiar with many different LEDs and their power supplies, and with methods of mounting.
  6. Custom Equipment
    We can select a suitable enclosure or have a unique one fabricated. We can commission design and fabrication of a PC board. We can select a suitable power supply and can mount and wire up all components.
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  1. Soldering
    Our soldering joints are very reliable and clean.
  2. Wiring
    We are experts at cutting, stripping, routing and soldering wires. We are also familiar working with connectors and terminals.
  3. Mechanical Assembly
    We are very handy with tools and knowledgeable with mounting hardware options.
  4. PC Board Fabrication
    Our technicians excel in wiring and soldering.
  5. Machine Shop
    Having our own machine shop and machinists facilitates speedy mechanical fabrication of your devices.
  6. Electrical Testing
    Our Engineering staff and test equipment will insure competent testing of your devices.
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